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What To Do During an Extended Power Outage

While they’re fairly infrequent in Australia, power outages can be a massive inconvenience when they occur. Most of the time, power outages are planned due to works by the electricity supply authorities on the network grids. You’ll be sent a letter by your electricity provider beforehand to warn you and give you time to prepare. However, some outages can be unexpected and prolonged, especially if they are due to severe weather conditions affecting power lines.

During a power outage, you’ll be left without access to all of your electrical appliances, hot water (if it’s connected to an electric water heater), internet and phone service once your battery dies. If you find your power has gone out unexpectedly and could be off for an extended period of time, here are some tips to follow to ensure that it has a minimal impact on you.

Turn off all your lights except one

By turning off all your lights except one, you’ll ensure that you’re not suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by all your lights turning back on when the power returns. Make sure to leave one light on so you’re aware of when the power has returned.

Turn off all electrical equipment at the power point

When the power suddenly returns, it can create a power surge which has the potential to damage any electrical equipment. Turning all your powerpoints off will help reduce the chance of this happening, as well as reduces the strain on the electrical system meaning power can be restored more easily.

Check to see if your neighbours have lost power

If all of your neighbours have also lost power, you can rule out the power outage being caused by an issue with your switchboard. This means you can rest assured knowing your electricity provider will fix the outage and you just simply have to wait.

What to do if it’s only your home without power

If all your neighbours still have power and it’s just your house that’s lost it, chances are that your safety switch has been tripped. Check your switchboard and flip the safety switch. Hopefully your power should be restored. If not, it could be a further problem with your electrical wiring. If this is the case, DO NOT attempt to fix the problem yourself as this is both extremely dangerous and illegal. Contact an electrician to assess the damage and they will be able to restore your power.

Have alternative light sources ready

It’s extremely difficult trying to go about your life while you have no lights, especially at night. Make sure you have access to alternative light sources that don’t require electricity, such as torches or candles. If you do choose to use candles for light, ensure they are well out of reach of children and in candle holders. We’re sure the last thing you want to be dealing with during a power outage (or any other time) is a house fire!

Perishable food items

If the power outage is looking like it may be extended, move all your perishable food items from your fridge to your freezer. Try not to open the freezer as much as possible. This will keep your perishables safe for at least 24 hours. For further information on how to keep your food safe during an extended outage, check out “Food safety during power outageson the Vic Health website.

If you follow these tips, you’ll ensure you and your family remain safe during an extended power outage. If you require the assistance of a licensed electrician in restoring your power, Quay Electrical can help. Contact us here and we’ll give you further information on how we can help.

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