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The Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting

LED lighting provides a cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bulbs.

The rising cost of electricity bills is a common complaint amongst Aussie homeowners. Of the average homeowner’s electricity bill, approximately 10-15% of the total is due to the costs associated with lighting their house. However, we’ve seen this number reach up to 40% for some of our clients. If this sounds like you, know that you’re not alone and that we have the solution!

Replacing traditional lightbulbs with LED lighting is the simplest method of reducing the total of your energy bill. Making the switch to LED bulbs is not only better for the environment but it’s also better for your wallet! The cost of running a lightbulb is calculated by how many watts it takes to run it continuously for an hour. Traditionally, bulbs with a greater wattage are brighter, but also take a greater hit on your electricity bill. Halogen fittings can range anywhere from 35W to 500W per hour. LED bulbs that we frequently suggest to clients require 9W or 18W to run and can still produce the same amount of light! This means that halogen fittings use up to 9 times as much electricity as their LED equivalents.

Not only do LED lights require less energy for the same output as regular bulbs, but they also last up to 10 times longer than traditional alternatives. On average, halogen bulbs have a lifespan of 1000-2000 hours. This may seem like a fair amount until you compare them to LED lights, which will last you anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Even at the lowest estimation, an LED light running around the clock will last you over 3 years – making the switch is a no brainer.

On top of this, LED lighting is also a safer alternative – particularly if your house has downlights installed. In order to create light, halogen bulbs need to generate heat. Using halogen bulbs for your downlights can be a dangerous mix with most types of ceiling insulation due to its flammability. Too often household fires are linked to halogen light fittings. LED downlights, on the other hand, do not generate heat. Instead, light is generated from the movement of electrons in the semiconductor material.

If you would like to find out more about how Quay Electrical can help you with transitioning your house to LED lighting, you can contact us here.

All of our work comes with a certificate of electrical safety which is issued upon completion. We also provide a 7-year warranty on workmanship and material and use the highest quality products to ensure our installations work.

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