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Local Matters: Mikro Coffee Roasters

At Quay Electrical we’re experienced in delivering quality electrical work to clients of all sizes. Whether the work is domestic, commercial or industrial, we always get the job done to a high standard. However, it’s definitely a great motivator when you’re completing work for a local business that pours their heart and soul into it.

Mikro Coffee Roasters is a Small Batch specialty coffee roaster based in Torquay, Victoria. Established in 2014, their coffee roasting division was originally in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This split in the business eventually proved to be too much of a logistical challenge, largely due to the long haul drives, and the company now operates entirely from Torquay, running both the roastery and the Mikro Coffee Kiosk which is located in the surf shop precinct. In the few years it’s been running, Mikro Coffee Roasters has constantly been recognised for its excellence and the business has won over 25 medals at the Australian International Coffee Awards.

Quay Electrical recently assisted Mikro Coffee Roasters with electrical works which included:

  • A complete shop rewire of the front and back of the shop, including amenities
  • The installation of a three-phase supply, which was critical for the roasting equipment
  • Provided power for all of the front end equipment, including all coffee machines
  • Supplied three-phase power, data and control wiring for a three-phase roaster
  • Installed a Tesla Three-Phase HPWC Charger

The job presented a few challenges, largely relating to the complexity of upgrading the mains power without affecting the adjoining tenants. However, our high-quality work was completed within budget and has helped Mikro Coffee Roasters to maintain their cool aesthetic while keeping the shop powered so that they can continue making the coffees they’re so well known and loved for.

Make sure you stop by for a cup and check out our work while you’re there!

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