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Lighting Options to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

There’s nothing quite like spending a warm summer’s night out in your garden. Whether you’re enjoying the relaxing by yourself or entertaining friends on your decking, your outdoor space can feel like the perfect little haven to retreat to. However, if you’re finding you can only appreciate your outdoor space during the day as it’s just far too dark to enjoy at night, there are certain outdoor lighting options you should consider to brighten up your outdoor space.

When considering which lighting options your outdoor space could benefit from, it’s important to first consider what you really need these lights for. There are three main areas that can benefit from the right outdoor lighting. These are:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Security


Ensuring you and your guests can navigate your way around your outdoor space is absolutely essential when considering what outdoor lighting you may need. Make sure you adequately light up any area where people may be walking such as garden paths and steps to avoid having your guests tripping and injuring themselves or trampling your precious gardens. 

Using solar-powered stake or bollard lights to light up the edges of a path is a good option. Also consider under-step LED lighting or strong downlights attached to a nearby wall to illuminate steps in your garden. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, consider lighting it with coloured underwater lights for both safety and ambience. If not, fairy lights strung over the pool or floodlights on the pool area will also create a safe space for you to go for a dip on a hot summer’s night!


There’s no better way to top off your feature garden or outdoor entertainment area than finding the perfect lights to make it look stunning. Outdoor lighting can really help set the ambience for a garden to relax in or highlight the areas of the garden you’re most proud of.

Spotlights are a great way to highlight a feature garden. You can also use uplights to show off a particular tree you’re proud of. For perfecting your entertaining area like a decking or gazebo, consider using LED festoon lights to drape over the top of the space or lanterns to hang from any roof space you have.


Although it may not seem it, lighting can be a useful deterrent in stopping home invaders or potential robbers. A well-lit home is much less likely to be a target than a home shrouded in darkness.

The most effective way to use lighting for security is to install motion sensor lights which activate when they sense movement in entryways and windows. Not only will this scare off potential intruders, it will also help you to not trip trying to get into the door at night!

There are many lighting options available that can make your outdoor space a stunning area you will never want to leave. It’s important to determine which options will suit the style of your outdoor area and provide you with the most benefits. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to choose the right lighting for this space and installing it, Quay Electrical is here to help! You can contact us here and we’ll let you know how we can help you brighten up your outdoor space.

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